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Kenai Realty

In Alaska, you need a superb outfitter and you expect a professional guide

We are your local Alaskan real estate outfitters and personal real estate guides. We have no doubt of your trailblazing skills. After all, if you are reading this website, you are either Alaskan or Alaskan at heart. However, regardless of your skill, many trails and roads are difficult to navigate by yourself, especially without a great guide who knows the way. In Alaska, we are equipped to outfit your real estate journey, we are your experienced real estate guides, and we definitely know the trails of Alaskan real estate.

We can assist you from start to finish with the purchase, sale, lease, rental and management of…

… homes, land, and commercial buildings and businesses right here in Alaska and especially, right here on the growing Kenai Peninsula.

Whether you’ve been here since the dawn of time (before Statehood), or you are new to Alaska, we can help you navigate the choices, the places, the people and the paperwork that make Alaskan Real Estate. We know this place, the land, and the people. It may take a while to introduce you to everyone, but we’re game if you are. After all, we were born here, raised here and we’re sold on this place!

This is WHAT we offer:

If you need to upsize or you want to downsize; if you are a first-time buyer or relocating to the Kenai Peninsula; if it’s time to get a summer home or investment properties, just remember this: here at Kenai Realty it’s always a buyer’s market.

Your home is more than just where you live; it’s a valuable asset that shows up on your financial statement. So, here’s the deal, at Kenai Realty your home is carefully considered, marketed and sold with one goal in mind, top dollar for your home.

Property management can be a fulltime job and stressful enterprise for property owners.  Likewise, it can be equally stressful for tenants. Here at Kenai Realty, we are experienced and skilled gatekeepers, managers, mediators and advocates.

Camping, fishing, hiking, hunting, sightseeing, skiing, snow machining, touring, whale watching. Have I missed anything? Oh, yea, great accommodations! There’s always a reason to vacation with us. Oh, and by the way… the Kenai Peninsula never closes!

This is WHAT you can expect:

Excellent Representation Always Produces Outstanding Results

Because we love Alaska, and the people who choose to call  this land home we take our careers very seriously. When we represent you as our client, outstanding results ensue. The numbers speak for  themselves,  but  we invite you to investigate. Please call us.

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This is WHERE we are:

We Are Right in the Heart of South Central Alaska's Kenai Peninsula

Did you know that the Kenai Peninsula is 16,075 square miles in size? Let me put that in perspective. Our little portion of Alaska is larger than  Connecticut,  Delaware,  Hawaii  and  Rhode Island … combined.

There is land here – lots of it.

At Kenai Realty, we cover the entire Kenai Peninsula. From Hope to Homer, from Kenai to Seward and everywhere in between. We know this  place.  Give  us  a  call  and  let  us  know  where  you’d  like to be.

No matter which portion of the Peninsula you want to call your own, if it’s for sale, we’ll help you buy it. We love this place and we know it well.  We  are  your connection  for properties on the  Kenai Peninsula.

We  live  here,  we work here,  and  we play here.  This is our home, and  we  can’t  say enough about it.  We invite you  to call  us and  take your  first  steps  in  making the Kenai  Peninsula your home  too!

This is WHERE the properties are:

This is How we do it:

Your local Real Estate Outfitters and Personal Professional Guides

We know just what you need for any and all things real estate. And more importantly, we know just who you need to help you accomplish all things real estate. Consider this list of contacts that you will need, to help you blaze your own trail and settle here on Alaska’s Kenai Peninsula.

From inspectors and contractors, to surveyors and engineers; from appraisers and title to lenders and insurance; from lawn care and snow removal, to maintenance and security; don’t forget about internet, phone service and utilities. We know what you need, we know who you need, we know where they are, and of course we can connect you with the right professionals to meet any and all of your real estate needs.

Now we can’t issue you an Alaskan driver’s license, but we know just where you can get one. What we mean is… we are your source for all things Alaska Real Estate.

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This is HOW you contact us:

Reach out to us with any and all questions about local connections or real estate opportunities. We want to help in any way that makes your Alaskan adventure amazing.

Our Address

34851 Kenai Spur Highway, Suite 6
Soldotna, Alaska 99669

Our Contact

+1 (907) 953-2643 for Carla
+1 (907) 953-2822 for Warren